The developing child’s mind seeks an orderly learning environment, and our school’s dress code supports this need. Our policy also exists to diminish peer pressure, promote school unity, and finally increase our MMSA school pride.

The MMSA School uniform must be purchased at:

Donald’s Department Store
972 Payne Avenue

Click HERE for our complete uniform policy.


Students in preschool are not required to wear uniforms

K – 5 uniform

  • Navy blue pants
  • Light blue polo with MMSA logo
  • Girls may wear a plaid jumper with Light blue polo with MMSA logo.

Middle School uniform

  • Khaki pants
  • Navy blue polo with MMSA logo
  • Girls may wear a khaki skirt that is no more than one inch above the knee, with navy blue polo with MMSA logo.

Optional Outerwear

  • Navy blue sweatshirt with MMSA logo
  • Navy blue performance half-zip with MMSA logo

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