Tuition and Tuition Assistance

2024–2025 K – 8 Tuition Rates

The early enrollment fee is $100 per student and is due at the time of enrollment. After March 1, a $150 per student enrollment fee applies.

Tuition Rates 2024 – 2025 School Year

Grades K – 5: $5,100 per student
Grade 6 – 8: $5,300 per student
Technology Fee: $75/student/year; K – 8


Multi-Child Discount  
2 children $300
3 children $800
4th child Free
Kindergarten Discount $500
Transfer Student Grade 1–8  $500
Referral Discount* $750

The early non-refundable enrollment fee is $100 per student and is due at the time of enrollment. After March 1, a $150 per student non-refundable enrollment fee applies. Tuition assistance and Aim Higher Scholarships are available to all registered  K – 8 students.  Applications and required uploaded documents must be complete by February 23, 2024.

*MMSA offers a referral discount of $750. Each time a new parent registers their K–8 child at MMSA, and lists a current MMSA family as the reason they enrolled/heard about MMSA, the referring family will receive $750 off of their tuition credited in January of the next year. Spread the good news about your child’s school!


The total cost to educate each child at Maternity of Mary – St. Andrew School during the 2024-2025 school year is approximately $8,000. This cost is met primarily by tuition, parish subsidy, and fundraising.

Tuition covers 60% of that cost. The remaining cost is covered by:

  • Maternity of Mary parishioners contributing $250,000 per year, which provides over $1,900 per student per year.
  • Fundraising efforts generate $600 per student per year. (requires participation by every family)
  • Other income and donations contribute the remaining cost per student

2024 – 2025 Preschool Rates

Days of the Week/Months of the year Half Day 
 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Full Day
 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
3-day program: Monday, Wednesday & Friday; September – May  $278 monthly/$2,502 yearly $455 monthly/$4,095 yearly
5 day program: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday; September – May  $434 monthly/$3,906 yearly $710 monthly/$6,390 yearly

2024 – 2025 Before School Extended Day Rates

Preschool & K – 8  
Yearly Rate (9 month) per child- 
(7:00 a.m.– 8:00 a.m.)

5 days a week $1,008.00 ($112/month)
4 days a week $855.00 ($95/month)
3 days a week $675.00 ($75/month)
2 days a week $504.00 ($56/month) 
1 day a week $324.00 ($36/month)

2024 – 2025 After School Extended Day Rates

EXTENDED DAY: Preschool & K – 8
Yearly Rate (9 month) per child- (3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.)

5 days a week $2,007.00 ($223/month)
4 days a week $1,755.00 ($195/month)
3 days a week $1,440.00 ($160/month)
2 days a week $1,062.00 ($118/month)
1 day a week $657.00 ($73/month)

Tuition Assistance

We understand the sacrifice families make to send their child to a Catholic school. We never want finances to be the reason to not to do so. Through the generosity of our parish, tuition assistance is available to all registered K – 8 students. MMSA uses TADS, our Tuition/Financial Aid management system to assess your family’s financial need. Log into your TADS account to complete your family’s application.

Applications and required uploaded documents must be complete by February 23, 2024.

AIM HIGHER FOUNDATION $1,000 Scholarships to Help Pay for Tuition

The Aim Higher Foundation provides additional scholarships to children whose families are looking for tuition assistance to send their child to a Catholic school in the great Twin Cities metro area. Children attending grades K through 8th grade are eligible to receive $1,000 each. There is no limit to the number of children who receive a scholarship per family.

Once awarded, the Aim Higher Scholarship follows students through 8th grade and to other Catholic schools. In other words, if your child receives a scholarship in kindergarten, he or she will continue to receive $1,000 each year through 8th grade—a possible total of $9,000 in nine years.

The Aim Higher Scholarship Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now open.

  • Applications will be accepted between November 1, 2023 through February 23, 2024.
  • A second application period is available between May 31, 2024 through August 9, 2024.* *Please note: the amount of funding available for the summer cycle is much smaller than the first period. So please try to complete your application by February 23.

Learn more about the Aim Higher Foundation on their website.

How to apply:

When you complete your TADS Financial Aid Application for MMSA, you’re half way to apply to the Aim Higher Foundation Scholarship! Aim Higher uses the same application as our school so you only need to complete one application for both our school and Aim Higher.

Near the end of your application, when you see the Aim Higher Foundation information, simply enter your child’s name and complete the additional questions requested.

Begin you application at now.

​​​Special Tax Information:

If you choose to apply for the Aim Higher Scholarship and you do not have your 2023 end of year tax documentation ready by the February 23rd deadline, the Aim Higher Foundation will accept your 2022 information.

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