Middle School (6-8)

The MMSA Middle School Program is designed to meet the educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of adolescents who are often experiencing rapid physical, intellectual, and social growth. The Middle School faculty take advantage of the natural curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm of sixth through eighth graders. Our rigorous curriculum focuses on the core subjects, a disciplined manner of inquiry, individual creativity, and developing competent study habits. The faculty and administrators have developed experiences for our students that help to provide a secure base from which all of our students can grow, especially at this crucial developmental stage on their educational journey.

The MMSA Middle School is designed to meet the needs of early adolescents as they experience the emergence of their own independence. Our purpose is to help each student develop their skills, an enthusiasm for learning, and the confidence and discipline to think independently and behave responsibly. Within a strong liberal arts curriculum aligned to the Minnesota State Standards, students are challenged, within their ability, to embrace new concepts and ideas, listen to others, and think critically, as they journey toward becoming more independent.

Our Middle School students have many exciting opportunities in addition to daily coursework in the core subjects; science, math, language arts, social studies, and religion. Students also have weekly classes in Spanish, Physical Education, Media/Technology, Music, and Visual Arts.

The MMSA Middle School Advisory Program ensures that each student has a formally appointed member of the faculty who will serve as their personal and academic advocate and be able to provide support to the student throughout their middle school years. Advisors and their advisees meet five times a week. The Advisories are groups comprised of a small group of students and a faculty member. Advisories meet each morning, providing opportunities for students to interact socially under the guidance and support of an adult. Advisors are the primary contact for families; they know the students best. Advisors oversee the whole child at school, as they serve as advocates for the student, facilitate student-teacher meetings as needed, explore how individual students learn best and help them set goals for each trimester.

The MMSA Middle School Compass Program places students into mixed-grade houses designed to meet the social-emotional needs of our middle school student population, with an emphasis on Faith, Service, and Leadership. Its goal is to provide students with a deeper feeling of belonging in their community, and to promote living the Theological Virtues in their daily lives through education, reflection, and prayer.

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