Elementary School (K-5)

Our Elementary School curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child, including intellectual, social/emotional, creative, physical, and spiritual development. Teachers combine their knowledge with students’ interests to promote an academically rich and creative environment. Because young minds are highly inquisitive, our elementary school emphasizes the basics – language arts, religion, reading, science, social studies, and mathematics. Weekly classes in Spanish, music, visual arts, physical education, media/technology complete our program.

Opportunities are continually available for individual and collaborative learning as each child’s skills are developed. From kindergarten on, weekly, hands-on experiences in not only the core content areas, but in the fine arts allow our students to become well rounded as we continue to build a positive foundation for their learning and curiosity to grow.

We have high expectations for our students, and they constantly surprise us with their attitudes and achievements at an early age. Regular homework assignments in the Elementary School help establish organizational skills and discipline they will need to be successful in the future. Social skills and conflict resolution based on the Responsive Classroom philosophy are modeled daily. We are always mindful that a child’s early years are critical in forming attitudes toward God, themselves, others, and learning. The fact that each grade is self-contained enables these attitudes to develop in safe and positive ways. Faculty members come to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses very well, and continually create opportunities for support, guidance, and tools for growth.

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