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4 Star Parent Aware rated/ Nationally Accredited 

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                                   Blessed are those who are curious, for they shall have adventure.                               


May 20 -24  Butterflies

Merrily you fly away!  Our Painted Lady butterflies have been set free.  They emerged from their chrysalides last week and to ensure their survival we set them free on Thursday and Friday.  We released them into our beautiful new prayer garden in front of school.  The garden is a peaceful place to pray with Mary, the Queen of Heaven watching over all.  Please help your child to respect this space and use it reverently.  A lot of time and effort has gone into it's creation.


Goodbye Butterflies!





















We hope to learn more about the life cycle of the butterfly and the ABC's this week as we make a giant ABC caterpillar and some beautiful butterflies.  We will be counting caterpillar segments, measuring playdough caterpillars and using fine motor skill to work a bug puzzle and sew butterfly/ insect cards.  

New vocabulary words - molt, chrysalis, metamorphosis, proboscis, mariposa   

Toot, toot!  The Train Program was so much fun and a huge success. Thank you, preschool families, for supporting our preschool program this year.  Together, we are better!


There is NO SCHOOL this Friday the 24th and Monday the 27th.  Our last days of school are May 30 and 31st.  We are planning summer birthday picnics on these days and families may cheer us out the door on these last two days.  Please line the hallway at 11:00 a.m. dismissal time and we will exit together as a whole class and meet families at the front door.  What a wonderful year it has been!          

All MMSA library books are due back to our school.  Overdue notices have been given out and those not returned will be charged for the books.       

We are back outside every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning.  Dress for Minnesota spring weather - whatever that might be.   

Letters of the Week - Ww & Xx

       Dates to Remember

        May  24 & 27 - NO SCHOOL

                  30/31 - Summer Birthday Picnics and Last Days of Preschool/ Grand Exit - Please                                         cheer us out on our last days. 

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       We openly invite and welcome parent participation in the classroom throughout the year.           Come feel the energy and experience the laughter, learning, and love.  Remember -                       Together, We Are Better!

     Contact me at lehmanm@mmsaschool.org - 651.489.1459




Our Preschool Program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC accreditation represents the highest mark of quality in early childhood education.  We are also a 4 out of 4 star rated program by Parent Aware
of Minnesota. We are proud of these distinctions and the high standards that they represent.

                                                           Preschool Pics


First flowers of spring!



















Mom will love these. 

All Aboard!






























Rainy Day Play 












Play is the work of children














































































Farm Fun




























Earth Week







































Easter Preparations






























Did you ever see an egg hatch?



























Easter Eggs and Bunnies





















Everyday Learning




















Chicken Fun!














Preparing for new life!














Spring Weather

























Letter D fun










We come from Minnesota






























I caught a keeper!






















Our Great State

















































More Snow! 











Now, that's a snow mountain!










More Dino Fun!



























































Dinosaurs make a comeback in Preschool.


































Rainbow Snow


















































New Snow Fun










Creative Construction

Hearts are Everywhere























Science at work.   A pet snowman?  













                                                 Hearts to Serve




















Mailing Love





















Will you be a Friend of Mine?










Reaching new Heights

Catholic Schools Week 


We were able to purchase a new construction toy, Magna Tiles, through Scholastic Books thanks to all those who order.

We really love them.





















Acting out The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt










































The Mitten
































  Outside Play







































Snow Fun!





















We love winter, snow and ice.





















Let it Snow!



























































Indoor Snow Toss




Happy New Year!



















Dramatic play office means lots of pencil practice.










Learning letter H with our whole body


Mexican Christmas













Nativity Play






































Advent Preparations




























































Hands to serve; a heart to love. 


Playing with letters











 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Shakers











Play is the work of Children









































Thank you, God, for good food, friends and faith.
















































Hand Turkeys 










                                 Our Book of Thanksgiving 





















Gobble, Gobble










Cooking up a Feast

















































Old Gray Cat song

                           Sleeping cats                                                            Creeping mice










Cup Stacking with the 3rd graders






















Shapes are Everywhere















































Raptor Center Highlights




















Halloween Happenings - T/TH class

























































Trick or Treat

Singing to the Seniors 










                                                                            Halloween Happenings - MWF class

Sink or Float?























































More Fall Fun





























Owl Exploration





















What is in the Mystery Bag?










Fire Safety






























 Green eggs and ham

Chef Fremstad (Liam's Dad) was here to help us cook our green eggs











Do we like green eggs and ham?



















Learning about body parts as we build matman













Autumn Exploration


Silly Scarecrows







































Play is the work of Children




















Artists at Work 







































Three Little Pigs Fun

Straw Houses











Stick Houses











Brick Houses










Here comes the Big, Bad, Wolf











Then I'll huff and I'll puff...










And I'll blow your house in!


Squares Everywhere!


Learning through PLAY




































Challenging ourselves in Preschool



























Our School Family

First Day Fun!




































No Surprise!  We are loving school!