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Happy May ~

the month of Mary!


     May 1-5, 2017


Monday, May 1 ~ Super Star Jack & May Day!

Tuesday, May 2 ~ Happy Birthday Leo!

Friday, May 5 ~ Mass for Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Sunday, May 7 ~ Happy Birthday Genna!

Monday, May 8 ~ Super Star Erik

Tuesday, May 9 ~ MMSA Spring Band Concert @ 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 10 ~ All School Mass

Thursday, May 11 ~ K-2 Minnesota Zoo Field Trip

Wednesday, May 17 ~ All School Mass

Thursday, May 18 ~ Happy Birthday Oliver!

Wednesday, May 24 ~ Kindergarten Mass & Celebration

Thursday, May 25 ~ Plant Mobile Presentation

Friday, May 26 - Monday, May 29 ~ No School ~ Memorial Weekend

Wednesday, May 31 ~ All School Mass


 Maternity of Mary Church and the Kindergarten Class


Religion: We will continue to celebrate the gift of Jesus' resurrection in chapter 24 of our Religion series, God Loves Us. "Joy is Good" is the title of this chapter. As we culminate our kindergarten year together, we witness joy each day in the gift of our classmates, parents, teachers, siblings, coaches, community helpers, and extended family. Jesus is the source of our joy and how we share that gift with others determines our own happiness.

Language Arts: Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.  Invite your child to follow along as you point to the words and help sound out the words. Also, keep practicing writing names with one capital letter.

What fun! Reading a skit that the Superkids are acting out. Kindergartners love to act out Bible stories that they know and now they are understanding the importance of theater and playwriters.  How to read a script, change your voice and tone, and when you have a speaking part are important things they must notice when they read the play. We also discuss setting, plot, sequence, emotion, and character.  It's a lot of fun watching your children learn to read, and read with emotion.  Watch for punctuation and quotation marks in your own story reading and help your child read with inflection, emotion, and passion!


Math:  Who is the tallest?  What's the smallest object in our classroom? How long can we balance on one foot? Yes, that's right. Kindergarten is learning measurement and time.  We are having a blast playing "eye spy" for objects and determining where they fit on the balance scale. 

Science/Social Studies: We will continue our Earth care unit and then talk about rocks, soil, and minerals.  Our murky mixture of soil, water, and dish soap is ready for "recycling." We will use it as the foundation of our "mud" to help the soil grow our grass seeds. It's a hands-on discovery week as we plant grass seed in plastic cups, too.


Library Day is Wednesday. 

Don't forget to return your books!

Read Across MMSA!



   April 3-7, 2017

   April 18-21, 2017

   April 24-28, 2017


Check out these websites for some great computer learning:

Kindergarten Daily Schedule:


English Language Arts 60-90 minute block

Mathematics 45 minute block

Religion 30 minute block

Science & Social Studies 30 minute block (alternates)

Snack Time 15 minutes

Recess & Lunch 40 minutes combined  

Rest Time 20 minutes

Learning Centers 30 minutes

Extra Recess 20 minutes


Physical Education 3 times a week for 30 minutes

Music 3 times a week for 30 minutes

Library 30 minutes once a week

Computer 30 minutes once a week

Spanish 30 minutes once a week

Art 30 minutes once a week


Please remember that you can contact me anytime via email.  Please share your thoughts and concerns
with me.   I look forward to hearing from you!





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