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August 2017


I am looking forward to seeing so many new faces in Kindergarten!

Parents, please take time to complete the kindergarten questionnaire so I can get to know your child a little better and be prepared for our beginning of the year conferences.  Click here for the questionnaire.


Religion: We will begin the school year discovering how God the world and all of us, too. Our goal will be to learn more about each other including our families and what makes us unique.  We will also concentrate our efforts on establishing a classroom of community learners who appreciate, respect, listen, and help our classmates.

Language Arts: Please continue to read 20 minutes daily.  Invite your child to follow along with you as you point to the words and help sound out the words. Also, keep practicing writing names with one capital letter.  Our Superkids reading curriculum is awesome and will be a great resource for parents as well when you utilize the online features that will begin in September.  Please watch for more information.


Math:Counting to 25 will be our first Kindergarten Math goal since we have 25 kindergarten students. Understanding calendars and numerals 0-31 will also be our focus and well as exploring our new Math curriculum, Math Expressions.  I have unpacked all the boxes and can't wait to play with the Math manipulatives with the students.  Our new Math program will be so fun to explore together!


Social Studies:Every one learns how to be a part of society by following rules.  Cars stop for stop lights and people are quiet in libraries.  Rules help us be kind, respectful, and loving as well as help us stay safe.  In kindergarten, we will create our own rules to help us manage our school days together.


Science:The world is constantly changing around us.  Even the trees are slowing changing colors and soon will begin to fall to the ground.  Why? We will find out during our September unit.  Keep asking questions and learning more about our planet, Earth.





 "It was a great year MMSA Kindergarten!"


Thank you, Malia, MN Arboretum Educational Specialist!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

John did an amazing job using the shapes to represent the

stages of a butterfly metamorphosis.

Each picture represents a stage:

1. egg

2. caterpillar

3. pupa

4. butterfly


Take a trip to the MN Zoo! 

Kindergarten had so much fun learning about the animals. 









Check out these websites for some great computer learning:

Kindergarten Daily Schedule:


English Language Arts 60-90 minute block

Mathematics 45 minute block

Religion 30 minute block

Science & Social Studies 30 minute block (alternates)

Snack Time 15 minutes

Recess & Lunch 40 minutes combined  

Rest Time 20 minutes

Learning Centers 30 minutes

Extra Recess 20 minutes


Physical Education 3 times a week for 30 minutes

Music 3 times a week for 30 minutes

Library 30 minutes once a week

Computer 30 minutes once a week

Spanish 30 minutes once a week

Art 40 minutes once a week


Please remember that you can contact me anytime via email.  Please share your thoughts and concerns
with me.   I look forward to hearing from you!





Kindergarten Candids