7th Grade Social Studies


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Welcome to U.S. Studies (1800-present day)

Mrs. Koch


Seventh graders study American history from 1800 to present day using Prentice Hall's American history text.  History Day is a major research project for this class. 


I hope everyone has a chance to do some traveling and to reconnect with family over the summer.  Family reunions are excellent opportunities to learn about your heritage and road trips are great lessons about America's history and culture.

If you have time this summer, brainstorm topics for next year's National History Day theme, "Conflict and Compromise in History".  Speaking of the 2017-2018 school year, you will need the same school supplies as you did last year.  This includes a notebook, pens & pencils, colored pencils, section of an expandable folder, scissors and glue stick.

I will be checking my email this summer, if you have any questions or concerns.



National History Day in Minnesota website http://education.mnhs.org/historyday/