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Welcome to Mr. Gottwalt's  5th Grade Classroom!


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26:        5th Graders plan and lead MMSA School Mass;  8:00AM.

28:        5th Grade Dancing Culminating Event at MMSA;  
              All Families Welcome!




We have completed our study of Bridge to Terabithia.  We are moving back into literature circles or book clubs
and the students are excited to be reading either historical fiction such as Birchbark House and Red River Girl
which take place in and around Minnesota in the 1800's, or to read fiction stories like A Wrinkle in Time and
Wild River.   A Wrinkle In Time is a classic science fiction novel by Madeleine L'Engle and Wild River is a story
by P.J. Petersen about a boy, afraid of the river, who has to save his brother's life after a rafting accident. 


We have completed our chapter on data and probability.  However, we will continue using some of these same
concepts as we learn to use fractions to show probability and identify parts of a whole.  


We are continuing our exploration of force and motion as we explore other forces in nature.  The students are eager
to begin working on their own "simple machines" that will demonstrate these various forces and how we use force
to help us complete tasks.  We are discussing balanced and unbalanced force (e.g. tug-of-war) and how forces such
as air resistance and gravity work against each other to create this balance or imbalance.  


We have completed our study of the parts of the Holy Mass and the Eucharist.  We will have a test this week and,
possibly, join Fr. Cloutier for further learning about the Mass.  The next sacraments we will explore are those of
healing: Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick.  We will also focus our learning around the mysteries and the importance of Holy Week as we move toward the final days of our Lenten journey. 


We are learning about the many causes and effects of exploration to North America.  We are using our chromebooks
to explore maps and research the history of early exploration in "The New World."  We are also researching several
early European explorers to the Americas as we learn about this time period through studying their challenges and accomplishments.  This week we are reading and studying about how England, France, and Spain competed for
space in North America in the 1600-1700's.


We are nearly done with researching for evidence to support our debatable topics.  The students are finding this to
be a challenging endeavor, but they are working hard and learning many new things about these topics.  Soon we
will be ready to share opposing views in debates.  Next, we will begin creative story writing.


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