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The weather is warming up, flowers are actually growing in our classroom (yay!), and our winter gear is getting stinky.  If your student has winter gear at school or a plethora of gym clothes, please send an extra bag to school this week.  These items will be sent home before break to get washed. 

Please feel reach out at anytime by email at schmidtm@mmsaschool.org.

- Ms. Schmidt


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This week, we will focus on adjectives - describing words!  Each day, we will have different activities to practice identifying and using a variety of adjectives in our writing.  We are continuing to read our novel, Holes.  Students will be having their second quiz on the novel this Thursday.

Homework: Encourage your student to read at least 30 minutes at home each evening.  They should have books from the school library and they are always welcome to utilize our classroom library.


We have been busy working on word problems.  These are always a challenge for students.  We are lucky to have an entire unit focusing on how to work through them in various ways.  This week will be around comparison and multi-step problems.

Homework: If no math homework, students should go onto Prodigy or Front Row to work on additional math practice.  I have heard great things from the students about their confidence increasing in math.  


This week, our school will have Mass, Reconciliation, and Stations of the Cross as we approach Holy Week.  In class, we will be learning about the importance of each day from Palm Sunday to Easter.


We are concluding our unit on ecosystems.  Our new unit will be on natural resources.  We will begin by exploring pollution and how it can appear in a short period of time.  We have also been watching our plants grow.  It is interesting how much they can change day by day! 


We have been learning about the conflict between the British and the French in the colonies and surrounding lands.  This week, we will learn about the colonists resisting tighter control from England and how their protests turn into rebellion.


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