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Week of April 23rd-29th

Last week we did literature circle groups while reading Chris Van Allsburg's "The Stranger".  The story leaves clues to let the reader draw their own conclusion as to who the Stranger really is.  I was amazed at not only how well the students did their individual jobs within the group, but also the quality discussion I heard about the reading.  Good job, 4th grade!

This Week in 4th Grade:

Religion:  what does it mean to be "poor in spirit"?, continue work on saint report, Saints Power Point Instructions

Math:  relate decimals to fractions, write decimals in tenths and hundredths, compare, order and round decimals

Language Arts:  Compare and contrast our story for this week, Cendrillion, with another well-known fairy tale; helping verbs; words with silent letters; ck, dge, and tch follow short vowels

Social Studies:  Begin our chapter on the states of the southwest region, receive instruction for State Fair report


Have a good week and God bless,

Adam Sattler

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