Mr. Sattler's 4th Grade Page 

February 19th - 23rd


Last week students received their instructions for their biography book report/presentation and chose who they would be learning about.  We have a variety of important figures throughout history represented this year.  From popular choices such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Harriet Tubman, to less common (but still relevant) choices such as Jesse Owens and Desmond Doss.  I am eager to see the student's reports!  


This week in fourth grade

Sunday the 18th- Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Monday the 19th- No school, President's Day

Tuesday the 20th- Band day

Friday the 23rd- Stations of the Cross

Religion:  Learn about the 7th Commandment and 8th Commandments, the Apostles' Creed

Math:  Review time and money, lear to tell how many of something is in a given fraction of a set

Language Arts:  Learn about note taking and how to use notes in a presentation, practice note taking while reading our new story "Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man", possessive nouns, no spelling test this week

Biography book report instructions 

Science:  Magnetism and electricity, review atoms, learn the different parts of an atom and how static electricity works


God bless,

Adam Sattler

4th grade schedule