Mr. Sattler's 4th Grade Page 

Week of December 11th - 15th



Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped us during last Friday's Craft and Bake Sale.  4th and 5th graders worked hard all day and almost all of our items were sold!  This week we will count our earnings and take that money to shop for families in need.  

This week we continue our preparation for the coming of Jesus in the Advent season.  Fourth grade hosts Wednesday Mass this week, come and join us at 8:00am!

This week in fourth grade

Star Student:  Arantza

Tuesday the 12th:  Band day

Wednesday the 13th:  we have Mass, sub: Mrs. Lang

Friday the 15th:  Happy birthday, Lucas!

Religion:  Begin our chapter on the Ten Commandments, continue with daily prayers for the Advent season in preparation for Christ's birth

Math:  2-digit by 2-digit multiplication

Language Arts: Focus on making inferences as we begin our new story, "Tanya's Reunion", write using common and proper nouns, spelling words with /or/, /ur/, and /yoor/ sound

This week's spelling words

Book Report Instructions: Sequence of Events 

Science:  Matter review and quiz

Social Studies:  Begin out unit on the Southeastern states of the U.S.


God bless,

Adam Sattler

4th grade schedule