Mr. Sattler's  4th Grade Page 



Week of January 14th - 18th


We are busy making plans for Catholic Schools' week.  One of the events kicking off the week will be the annual geography bee.  Congratulations to Atticus and Jayden who will be representing the fourth grade this year! 

We hope to see a lot of parents at Trivia Night on January 26th from 6:00-9:00! 


This Week in Fourth Grade 

Super Student:  Thomas!

Tuesday the 15th Band day

Religion:  The Second Commandment

Math:  Division--word problems, interactive math: Planning a birthday party

Language Arts:   Reading--Use details to describe a character in realistic fiction, synonyms and antonyms, Grammar--Compound sentences, Spelling--r-controlled syllables, words ending with an open syllable

Science:  How friction effects motion, chapter review


God bless,

Adam Sattler

4th grade schedule