Mr. Sattler's 4th Grade Page 

March 19th - 23rd



I was very proud of the job done by our fourth grade when they presented their famous person reports to the school this past Friday.  I received many complements from teachers, students, family, and parishioners who were all impressed by the work they put in.  Job well done, fourth grade!


This week in fourth grade

Religion:  The Beatitudes, the Apostles' Creed

Math:  Greatest common factors, fractions in simplest form, mixed numbers and improper fractions 

Language Arts:  Read "Cendrillion" (a Cinderella story from Martinique) and retell the story from the point of view of a different character, spelling words with ed and ing endings 

This week's spelling list 

Social Studies:  Begin our chapter on the southern region of the U.S.


God bless,

Adam Sattler

4th grade schedule