3rd Grade 











Week of March 11 - 15

We had a busy week. The students had a great time roller skating at Saints North!  Besides roller skating, most of the students received the sacrament of Reconciliation. We also saw the fourth graders dressed as famous people and listened as they told us about their people. 


Some of the skills the students worked on this week are listed below. 

RELIGION - We received the sacrament of Reconciliation and the students illustrated another page for their Bible books.  

MATH - The third graders worked with pictographs, bar graphs, and line plots. They interpreted data from the graphs and line plots and created their own. They also took a test this week and multiplied two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers.

LANGUAGE ARTS - The students did an adjective activity and worksheet, worked with suffixes, wrote a story, and practiced letters "M" and "N" in cursive.

SCIENCE - As part of our unit on light and sound, we looked at three different colored flashlights and saw how combining them created more colors. We also looked through diffraction gratings to see light broken into a spectrum of colors.

SOCIAL STUDIES - The third graders worked on their mobiles, which will show the duties of each of the three branches of our government and some of our country's symbols. 


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