3rd Grade 


                 WELCOME TO MRS. JACOBSON'S THIRD GRADE PAGE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  




Week of May 13 - May 17

We watched our preschool buddies rehearse for their performance on Wednesday. I also gave reading fluency tests to the students this week to see how their fluency has improved since fall and winter. I will send a copy home next week for you to see. 


Some of the skills the students worked on this week are listed below. 

RELIGION - We read about the Holy Eucharist, the lives of the saints, and attended chapel Mass. The students also named many people and stories from the Bible.  

MATH - The third graders drew different types of polygons, angles, and lines. They reviewed basic multiplication and division facts, took a quiz, and did a variety of geometry activities in small groups.

LANGUAGE ARTS - The students worked with prefixes and suffixes, adjectives, analogies, and practiced cursive handwriting.

SCIENCE - We read about rocks and minerals and how the three types of rocks are formed. We also looked at rocks from different places around the world.

SOCIAL STUDIES - We looked at different types of money from around the world and read about how people used to trade and barter before bills and coins were used.    


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