3rd Grade 





The third graders finished a chapter on geometry and measurement this week. In the past few weeks the students  have learned about angles, three dimensional figures, polygons, congruency, symmetry, perimeter, area, and volume. While learning about all of these, they found examples in our classroom of various types of 3D figures,  different types of angles, and things that have lines of symmetry. They also measured items to find their perimeters, and drew figures with certain perimeters and areas.


This is a summary of some of what the third graders worked on in the various subjects this week:

MATH - Completing a chapter on geometry and taking a test. The students also took the math portion of the NWEA test this week.

RELIGION - We read about the risen Christ appearing to His disciples, and about working for peace. The students also made a cover for their Bible books, and we read about saints.

LANGUAGE ARTS - We read about Shackleton, his crew, and their perilous voyage to Antarctica in the early 1900s. The students also worked with pronouns, adjectives, and read a Scholastic News Magazine with a partner.

SOCIAL STUDIES - The students named some landmarks in our country and we read about some of them. We also saw a timeline showing some of the steps in the building of the Statue of Liberty.

SCIENCE - The third graders have been learning about simple machines. They found examples of simple machines in our classroom and completed a crossword puzzle, using clues about the different machines.



  • Grandparent's Day - Friday, May 5
  • No School - Friday, May 26 and Monday, May 29


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