3rd Grade 





The third graders met with Mr. Starr, our band instructor, this week. MMSA students can join band in fourth grade, so Mr. Starr talked to the third graders about the fun things band members do. He also demonstrated the different instruments that they could play. Many of the students are excited join band next year.


This is a summary of some of what the third graders worked on in the various subjects this week:

MATH - The third graders added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator and drew pictures to show mixed numbers. They also estimated, and then measured various items in the classroom using inches and centimeters.

RELIGION - This week was the third graders' class Mass. Everyone did a wonderful job with their various parts. We also read about the different parts of the Mass.

LANGUAGE ARTS - The students had some creative writing assignments this week. One assignment was to write a fairy tale, including a fairy godmother or some other person who grants wishes. Many of the students love to write! The third graders also worked with prefixes, suffixes, and words with the soft "c" sound.   

SOCIAL STUDIES - We have been learning about producers and consumers. We read about how each is dependent upon the other, and we read about people starting their own businesses. We have also been reading about some of the presidents.

SCIENCE - The third graders have been working on their landform booklets, illustrating and writing definitions of some common landforms and bodies of water. We also began learning about volcanoes. We read a book about them, talked about Mt. Vesuvius, and looked at a picture of the ring of fire around the Pacific Ocean. The students are excited to make their own volcanoes next Tuesday!



  • No School - Friday, May 26 and Monday, May 29
  • Volcanoes will erupt - Tuesday, June 6, at 2:15


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