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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page! 


What a wet, gray week!  We snuck outside as soon as we saw a little sunshine.  Luckily, our classroom is always full of energy and smiles!  Here's how we kept busy during all the rain:

This week, we’ve been looking at food chains and animal life cycles.  There are so many ways that each animal grows and changes!  In addition to watching our tadpoles, we were able to observe the kindergarten and first grade caterpillars and butterflies.  (Ours haven’t arrived yet!)  We saw caterpillars eating, forming their J and chrysalis, saw the chrysalids shaking, and two newly-emerged butterflies!  Also...BREAKING NEWS:  One of our tadpoles appears to have sprouted its hind legs!  Cross your fingers...

With Golly missing, the Superkids had a hard time being happy as they worked on their float.  Things only got worse when they came back in the morning and found the float destroyed by the wind!  They started the parade and were singing their song when they heard a familiar bark.  It was Golly!  He joined them atop the float in the parade.
Grammar and Spelling:
Our class worked on words with the /er/ sound this week.  We also looked at adding -er and -or to verbs to turn them into nouns.  Two interesting exceptions are mayor and doctor.  They do not have a base verb!  In addition, we learned some interesting sayings and phrases, where there is a deeper meaning behind the actual words we say.

This week’s work gave students a chance to state their opinion and back it up with examples and reasons.  Second graders got to decide if hot dogs or hamburgers are best for a barbecue, and if dogs or cats make better pets.  We are working hard on having good printing and almost-third grade work.  In addition, we celebrated National Chocolate Chip day with some chocolate chip writing.

God gives us many shepherds to help lead and guide His church.  We have been discussing them this week as we learned more about the pope, bishops, and deacons.

Our class has been using the data in graphs to answer questions this week, of course using three-digit numbers.  We are also working on rounding numbers to the nearest hundred…tricky, but we’re getting better!

Coming Attractions:

Monday, May 22 - Grade 2 at Chapel Mass

Thursday, May 25 - Plant Mobile Visit at MMSA

Friday, May 26 and Monday, May 29 - No School

Thursday, June 1 - Field Day

June 9 - Last Day of School (early dismissal)


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Roche