2nd Grade Page



Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!    


Happy Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, and 100th Day!  What a week of wonderful celebrations.  



This week, the Superkids’ stories centered on homework, quality work, and truthfulness.  After Oswald scrambled to do his homework at the bus stop and was praised for it by Ms. Blossom, Tac was feeling lousy about her own carefully done assignment.  In the end, she put in a lot of extra work to make it even better!


Grammar and Spelling:

We worked on finding the meaning of tricky words by using context clues - information we do know that is around what we don’t know.  We worked with adjectives and adverbs to describe things in our writing as well as synonyms and antonyms.



Groups have been measuring and making line plots, adding two-digit numbers, and drawing out addition with model bars.

We also celebrated the 100th Day of School by flipping a coin 100 times, making creations out of 100 cups and 100 tangram blocks, highlighting the number 100, rolling a dice to color in 100 pennies, and thinking about what we'd want to have 100 of...and what we'd NEVER want to have in the quantity of 100!  At the end of the day, we even got to eat a healthy 100.




Our fantasy stories are off to a great start!  Students have chosen exciting topics like mermaids, dragons, giant animals, and more.  These adventures will lead us into writing our own Flat Me stories, based on the book Flat Stanley.



A special packet helped us get ready for Ash Wednesday and Lent.  These 40 days leading up to Easter will help us grow closer to God.  Second graders wrote down things they can give up, ways to pray, and opportunities they may have to help others during this special season.  Fr. Cloutier reminded us at Mass that during Lent we make things around us simple so our focus can be on Jesus.




Coming Attractions:

 February 19 - No School, Presidents Day

March 19 - All School Mass, Feast of St. Joseph

March 21 - Reconciliation Service