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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page! 



Bob                                         Kermit

Professor Hop                         Pat

Pickle                                      Flip

Our six swimming tadpoles are hanging out with us in second grade.



In other areas, here’s what’s new:



This week, we’ve been looking at the parts and life cycle of plants.  Our new vocabulary words like photosynthesis and chlorophyll are helping us understand how plants make their own food.  When the sun comes back out, we’ll learn about how leaves help plants capture the sun’s energy and look at how types of leaves are different.



In our Superkids book, friends were bringing Roboticons to school.  (think = transformers)  Oswald borrowed Sal’s Shark, but returned it full of mud.  Ms. Blossom had them both stay after school - to clean the toy and find a way to play nicely again together.


Grammar and Spelling:

Our class worked on words with the long /oo/ sound this week.  We also looked at complete vs. incomplete sentences and putting story events in the right sequence.



Our “All About” books are coming along nicely!  Second graders have already completed their title and dedication pages, a labeled diagram, and a page showing varieties of their animal.  They are now working on the information section which tells all the interesting details they’ve found on their animal.



We continued studying the parts and prayers of the Mass as we looked at the mystery of faith and Eucharistic prayer.  There was a lot of great discussion about the lines we recite at the end of that prayer:

“Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

This immense statement of faith results in Jesus coming to us, as a great sign of his love.  Although we may not find ourselves deserving, he comes anyway, loving us just as we are.



We are still working on our math NWEA tests.  The second graders are doing a very slow and careful job!  In class, we are comparing three-digit numbers, using information in charts, finding numbers that come before/after/in-between large numbers, and putting them in order.  Continue working on facts at home.  We are doing mixed fact checks twice a week, watching for our scores to grow.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Roche


Coming Attractions:

Monday, April 24 - Chapel Mass at 8:00am

Thursday, May 4 - Dioramas Due

Friday, May 5 - Grandparents' Day (during school)
                         First Communion Rehearsal and Prayer Service (evening)

Sunday, May 7 - First Communion

Wednesday, May 8 - Special "First Communion" school Mass, second grade planning, at 8:00am

Thursday, May 11 - MN Zoo Field Trip K-2

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your family!


Mrs. Roche