2nd Grade Page



Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page! 

It’s almost time for Spring Fling!  Wait until you see our beautiful second grade platter.  It is breathtaking!  I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday night for the fun.

Time is MARCHing on!  Here’s what we’ve been doing this week:


Science and Social Studies:

We finished up our unit on force and motion and have switched to Social Studies.  This unit explores cultures around the world.  The unit begins with the beautiful song “What a Wonderful World.”  We are learning how to sing AND sign this song!



Just as in real life, we saw this week that the Superkids don’t always get along!  When Tic developed an interest in bees, Tac and Toc felt left out and annoyed.  Alf reminded the girls that Tic can be interested in bees and still be their friend.


Grammar and Spelling:

Our class worked on words with the long a sound this week.  We practiced comparing things with adjectives that end in -er or -est along with the trickier ones where the whole word needs to change.  We were good at it, then we got even better, now we’re the best!



Lights, camera, action!  We are busy recording our book commercials on MMSA Channel 2.  It might not be a real TV station, but we sure are excited to be “on the air!”  What a fun way to practice public speaking.




Mass parts studied in second grade this week included the creed and prayer of the faithful.  Earlier in our church, people who were not yet fully members were excused prior to the prayers of the faithful.  It was considered a privilege to stay and be able to place your prayers before God.  Our class talked about how these prayers are structured like a funnel.  They begin broad and finish up personal and specific, often offering the prayers we hold in our own heart.



This week was all about fraction fun.  We talked about fraction vocabulary words like numerator and denominator.  Second graders found many fun ways to practice writing fractions and drawing out equal shares.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Roche