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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   

October 8-12, 2018 

Happy birthday to Robert!  

May God bless you on your birthday and always.


Our Marathon of prayer and service is underway!  We look forward to completing our service project with the kindergarteners and first graders.  Keep that pledge money coming in...we all want to wear jeans and t-shirts on Fridays! Annnndddd....get that bonus day off in May!

Second graders are creating colorful scarecrow glyphs for the hallway.  See if you can read our codes to find out all about us!




Adventures with the Superkids this week gave us some surprises.  Ask your second grader about what happened to Alf and why!  We had some great discussions about being good students and making appropriate choices as a result of our stories.  Our guided reading groups are reading some fun books, giving us lots of giggles as we practice our reading strategies.


Grammar and Spelling: 

Our grammar this week focused on homonyms and homophones.  We also looked at editing sentences, making sure they begin with a capital letter, end with proper punctuation, and use correct spelling.  Spelling words this week had -le and -ng endings.



It has been so much fun to watch the class become enamored with poetry!  Our poetry unit started gently with a few days of word study on parts of speech.  Second graders sorted words into piles of nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  All of those detail-providing words make our writing much more interesting!  



Small groups of second graders worked together to build a maze for their Bee Bot.  Using rulers that mark the distance advanced in one "step," groups were able to try and plan their commands to see if the Bee Bot went to the location desired...or crashed into the maze!  Groups did a nice job sharing ideas and building duties.




This week, we’ve looked at how we can show we love God by loving those around us.  We've also spent a great deal of time discussing the phrase on the back of this year's school t-shirt:  "Just do the next right thing."  It has helped guide several conversations about making good choices.



We were busy this week!  We started by looking at doubles facts, and used our knowledge of those facts on "nearly doubles" facts, where we could see it was a doubles fact +1 or +2.  From there, we moved on to math equations, writing equations vertically or horizontally, and adding three or more addends.  (Remember - always check to see if you can make a ten!)

Our math block is a wonderfully busy time!  Second graders are doing a great job rotating through four stations.  They work in a small group with the teacher on new information, practice the new skill on their own, use iPads for fact practice, and reinforce a skill they already know with an activity.  They are really working impressively, with great focus!



Social Studies:

We've been singing a catchy tune to help us remember the seven continents.  Students worked with a physical map, matching the colors to their map key.  After watching a beautiful video on landforms, each second grader created their own Lovely Landforms booklet by drawing the various structures. 


See you soon for conferences!



Coming Attractions:

October 16 and 17 - Conferences

October 17 - No School, Conferences

October 18 and 19 - No School, MEA

October 29 - RESCHEDULED Afton Apple Orchard Field Trip