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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   

November 12-16, 2018 


It’s hard to believe we are almost to Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful to be working at such a wonderful school, filled with dedicated colleagues and loving families.  Thank you for sharing your second graders with me every day! 



The Superkids are trying to figure out working as partners on their invention projects.  Hot Rod and Alf offered to have her work with them, but Lily really wants to work on her ice skating board.  The Superkids have a new student in their classroom - Alec.  He turned out to be a great partner for Lily.  Although he doesn’t do much talking, he made amazing sketches!  


Grammar and Spelling:

Our words this week featured the /ar/, /ir/ and /or/ sounds.  We call them "Bossy R" words!  We also looked at base words and endings, including times when the final consonant needs to double.  The class also practiced adding -er to the end of words, changing them from verbs to nouns.  Because we READ, we are all READERS!



We used the OREO reminder to start writing our opinions this week:  Opinion, Reasons, Examples, and restate your Opinion.



Congratulations to the second graders for helping the school celebrate a beautiful Mass on Wednesday!  Students volunteered for their jobs this time around.  Next time, we’ll rotate so everyone gets the opportunity to try all the positions.  They did a wonderful job!



Our class started working with larger numbers within 200.  Students did a lot of drawing, representing numbers over 100 using 100 boxes, ten sticks, and ones circles.  We are also comparing numbers and writing equations using >, <, and = properly.



After completing our hanging cloud mobiles, we constructed anemometers.  On a lovely November afternoon, we went out and did our best to catch a little wind.  Talking about severe weather rounded out our weather studies.


Happy almost-Thanksgiving! 



Coming Attractions:

November 22 and 23 - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Holiday

November 26 - NO SCHOOL, Staff Development

December 6 - K/1/2 Field Trip to CTC production The Grinch

December 18 - MMSA Christmas Program


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