2nd Grade Page



Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   


Looking back at our week, October 9-13, 2017



Our Marathon of prayer and service is underway!  The prayer intention chosen by the second graders is:  For all children dealing with health issues, especially Joshua and Jude, that they feel God’s healing touch and comfort.  We look forward to completing our service project with the first graders!


Happy birthday to Joshua and Liam!  May God bless you on your birthday and always.  It's great to be EIGHT!




Adventures with the Superkids this week gave us some surprises.  Ask your second grader about what happened to Alf and why!  We had some great discussions about being good students and making appropriate choices as a result of our stories.  Our guided reading groups read some non-fiction books.  We learned about features of non-fiction such as real photographs with captions, diagrams, labels, and lots of great facts!


Grammar and Spelling: 

Our grammar this week focused on homonyms and homophones.  We also looked at editing sentences, making sure they begin with a capital letter, end with proper punctuation, and use correct spelling.  Spelling words this week had -le and -ng endings.



It has been so much fun to watch the class become enamored with poetry!  This week, we learned all about similes and started working on poems about a make-believe creature.  Now, second graders are moving on to sound words ~ onomatopoeia!  With every BOOM!   BUZZ! and BOINK! we are learning all about words that are the sound they represent.  These poems will be amazing!



This week, we’ve looked at the Ten Commandments and different ways to pray.  Second graders are very familiar with rules and understand how important it is to follow God’s rules.  We have also had time to discuss prayer and the many ways we can talk to God.  It is so beautiful to hear their thoughts on how we can visit with God - from prayers that we all know to quiet conversations straight from the heart. It is truly a joy to be with these children on their faith journey!



It’s all about TEN!  We’ve been working on getting to know all the pairs of numbers that make ten - quickly.  Working with ten frames and numbers, second graders are working on breaking apart a number in order to make a ten, then adding the extras on.  They can all see that 10 + a number is comfortable for our brains.  Getting to know all those combinations is the key!  Students also learned a great fact practice game called Salute! which uses a regular deck of playing cards.

Our math block is a wonderfully busy time!  Second graders are doing a great job rotating through four stations.  They work in a small group with the teacher on new information, practice the new skill on their own, use iPads for fact practice, and reinforce a skill they already know with an activity.



Weather is so much fun!  The second grade scientists were outside observing the weather and spotting clouds.  We know there are three types of clouds and put them together in a great mobile. Students are now water cycle experts.  They know how they type of precipitation changes with the seasons, and the ways our clothing and activities adapt accordingly.



Have a wonderful weekend!


Coming Attractions:


Monday and Tuesday, October 16 and 17 - Evening Conferences

Wednesday, October 18 - NO SCHOOL, Staff In-Service

Thursday and Friday, October 19 and 20 - NO SCHOOL MEA