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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   

January 14-18, 2019



Happy winter!  Our class is certainly celebrating this season, but wishing for a little snow! When we’re not writing about being stuck in snowglobes, we’re conducting experiments and adding two-digit numbers.  Something new every day!  Here's what we've been doing:




The Superkids played an intense soccer game this week.  One girl on the opposing team turned out to be friends with Cass.  This prompted an interesting discussion about friends versus enemies.  In our room, we’re happy that we are all friends!


Grammar and Spelling:

This week’s words included silent letters, looking at combinations like kn- and wr-,.  Although it can be tricky to remember letters that we don’t hear, the second graders are doing a great job!



Second graders have been brushing up their two digit addition skills and working with counting coins.  This can be easily practiced at home by naming coins and their values or even counting out the total of small piles of coins.  Other groups are working with estimating and measuring in centimeters.  




I was so proud of our class Mass on Wednesday!  All of the second graders did a wonderful job.  Many wonderful prayers were offered on a cold winter morning.

Our reconciliation retreat is next Saturday morning, January 26, at 9:00.  I look forward to seeing students and a parent then.  It will be a lovely way to prepare together for this important sacrament.  Soon, the second graders will be welcoming Jesus into their hearts through the Eucharist.  What better way to prepare our hearts for his coming than to be reconciled and forgiven!



Our science fun continues!  We melted crayons and then returned them to a solid.  Since our large crock pot crayon wasn’t the prettiest, each student got a smaller souvenir crayon done in the oven.


All three states of matter were enjoyed in one cup ~ solid, liquid, and gas in a bubbly root beer float! 


Last week ended with an alien invasion where they left a mysterious green substance behind.  Our task?  Determine whether the substance - oobleck - is a solid or a liquid.  



Trivia Night:

Next Saturday, January 26 at 6pm will be our Trivia Night.  I hope to see many of you there for snacks, random information, and just a lot of fun!


Catholic Schools Week:

Our exciting week of fun and celebration begins with weekend Masses on Saturday and Sunday, as well as Sunday's pancake breakfast.  The week will be filled with fun activities and special ways of dressing.  Watch for details coming soon!





Coming Attractions:

Jan. 16 - All-School Mass, Second Grade Planning

Jan. 21 - No School, MLK Day

Jan. 26 - First Reconciliation Retreat and Trivia Night

Jan. 27 - Pancake Breakfast

Jan. 28 - Feb. 1 - Catholic Schools Week

Jan. 30 - Bowling Field Trip


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