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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   

May 13-17, 2019  

Happy birthday, Oliver!  God bless you on your birthday and always.


In our Superkids book, friends were bringing Roboticons to school.  (think = transformers)  Oswald borrowed Sal’s Shark, but returned it full of mud.  Ms. Blossom had them both stay after school - to clean the toy and find a way to play nicely again together.



This week, we’ve been looking at where plants and animals live.  Second graders are learning that each animal has a habitat that provides for its needs.  Moving animals into another habitat wouldn’t cover their needs.  We’re also learning how living things get food.  Lots of great conversations about food chains and the circle of life!


We took advantage of some sun and went outside to learn about how leaves help plants capture the sun’s energy and look at how types of leaves are different.

We’ve also been looking at food chains and animal life cycles.  There are so many ways that each animal grows and changes!  In addition to watching our tadpoles, we were able to observe our caterpillars hard at work.  We saw the caterpillars eating, forming their J, and chrysalis.  Next week, we hope to have newly-formed butterflies!



Animal reports are coming along well!  Finishing touches are going on them, as well as creating an index and table of contents.  In addition, we celebrated National Chocolate Chip day with some chocolate chip writing.



God gives us many shepherds to help lead and guide His church.  We have been discussing them this week as we learned more about the pope, bishops, and deacons.


We are also looking at Mary - how she asked Jesus for help at the wedding at Cana, and how we can ask her for help, too.  Second graders are working on beautiful posters to learn about the rosary.  We are going over all the prayers and when they are said as well as the mysteries prayed on each day.



Second graders are doing slow and careful work adding and subtracting three and four digit numbers.  We can predict when we will need to ungroup and borrow, and work carefully to add in carried numbers for new tens or hundreds.  Keep practicing those facts!




Coming Attractions:

May 22 - First Communion Celebration at MMSA All School Mass, second grade planning

May 24 - No School, Marathon Reward Day

May 27 - No School, Memorial Day

June 7 - Last Day of School - 11:30 dismissal


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