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                                                                  WOW!  We got to visit with St. Nicholas!



 Dec. 8, 2017

       We were very busy this week with Christmas and Advent activities.  Making a Christmas tree glyph and and visiting with St. Nicholas were two of our favorites!  Here is what's coming up this week for the 1st graders:

    Language Arts:  

       We'll begin Unit 6 in "Adventures of the SuperKids".  The phonics focus in this unit is long vowel words.  We'll read the story "The Foolish  Giant"to practice reading long vowel words. 



  We'll continue to work on place value with tens and ones.  We'll practice adding with 2-digit numbers and try out some Christmas math games.



  Our special focus for the next few weeks will be to show Christmas Kindness to others.  Our elf friends, Emmie and Ernie, have arrived! They will help us find ways to spread kindness around our entire school!   













Science/Social Studies: 

    We'll continue working on our "Christmas Customs Around the World"  unit.  We'll "travel" to other countries to learn about how other people celebrate Christmas. This week we'll learn about Sweden and France.


Important Upcoming Dates:  

        Dec. 4-15:  We'll be collecting canned and boxed food for our Advent Food Drive

        Dec. 8:  We'll shop at the 4th and 5th graders Craft and Bake Sale

        Dec. 19:  MMSA Christmas Program @ 6:30pm

        Dec. 21-Jan. 2:  CHRISTMAS BREAK!  See you on Weds., Jan. 3rd!



Our Reading Logs go home on Fridays.  Each first grader should read for 15 minutes
nightly and then record the books read on his/her Reading Log.  The completed Log
should be returned the next Friday.

We also have spelling homework for Unit 6.  Please help your child complete at least 4 activities on the spelling grid and return by Weds., Dec. 20.



Parent Communications:

1st gr. News Nov. 2
1st gr. News Nov. 9



I  look forward to a great year working with you and the


If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at saleckwebert@mmsaschool.org
or 651-489-1459.  Together we will work together to make your child's 1st grade year one
of learning, growth and fun!