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        May 13-17, 2019

     Last week, the first grade scientists were very excited to observe our caterpillars as they grew, ate and grew some more!  On Friday, we noticed that they were crawling to the top of their "cup" home, attaching themselves to the top and starting to spin their chrysalides.  We'll be patiently waiting for 7-10 days until the caterpillars complete their metamorphosis and emerge as butterflies!



  Our phonics focus this week will be soft -c (as in city) and soft -g (as in page) words.  We'll practice these words by reading two Superkids stories about Ettabetta and her baseball team. We will also do many word work activities to help make these words "stick" in our brains.  Practicing sight words, also known as memory words, is also part of our literacy work from now until the end of the year. We'll work on writing several types of poems during our Writing Workshop time. 



    We'll begin a new unit on Geometry this week.  We'll compare and sort 2 Dimensional shapes by finding their attributes.  We'll also use shapes we know to build new shapes. We get to use several different kinds of blocks to do our creating.  Building our own shapes is one of the fun parts about Geometry!     



     We'll work on Chapter 21, "Jesus Sends Us the Spirit".  We'll discuss how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help his apostles spread the Good News.  We'll also learn about the special gifts the Spirit gives us at our Baptism, the gifts of faith, hope and love.            



     Our caterpillars have begun stage 3 in their life cycle by forming their chrysalides.  We'll be patiently waiting and observing them until they emerge as BUTTERFLIES!  Good thing we have a few butterfly projects to keep us busy while we wait! 













- May 13:  Happy Birthday, Henry! 

- May 15:  Happy Birthday, Greg!  

- May 23:  Happy Birthday, Tony! 

- May 24:  No School!  Marathon Reward Day!

- May 27: Happy Memorial Day! No School! 



 Our Reading Logs will come home every Friday.  Each child should practice reading at least 5X a week, on his/her own or with a family member, check that he/she has read that day and then write about a favorite book read that week. Please return the Reading Log the next Friday. We'll share our favorite books during our Morning Meeting time!

Our Spelling homework pack also comes home weekly on Friday. The practice work should be returned on the next Friday.  






I  look forward to a great year working with you and the 



If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at saleckwebert@mmsaschool.org
or 651-489-1459.  Together we will work together to make your child's 1st grade year one
of learning, growth and fun!